RENTING ART - With an option to purchase for Businesses and Professionals

Walsh Gallery Monaco partners with Bail Art, leader of Art Leasing since 2009, to offer art renting with an option to purchase for companies, self-employed persons or liberal professions. Art Leasing allows you to finance the purchase of a work of art through your company, while benefiting from tax deductions. Financial renting offers financial and tax interests:

  • Monthly payments for rented artworks are tax deductible. 100% of the rent paid is deductible from corporate income tax (IS) or income tax (IRPP), according to article 238 bis AB of the General Tax Code. 
  • Financial renting spreads costs over several months. Each month, companies pay a rent which allows the company to progressively finance the work being acquired while already exhibiting it in its workspace.
  • At the end of the contract, artworks or pieces of furniture are sold for a residual value
  • This financing falls into «decoration of the premises» of the Chart of Accounts, with the condition of exhibiting the work in the company premises.

Simple process

  • Financing from 2,500€ 
  • Simplified processes and electronic signature 
  • Any kind of artwork is eligible 
  • Our leases can include one or more pieces of art at a time.


  • Strengthen your company's identity with a work of art in line with your values. The resulting image reflected to your customers and suppliers is positive and your employees are inspired.
  • Stimulate your employees' creativity by creating a work environment related to art and culture. Surprise your teams by developing a customized collection for your company.
  • Support art and emerging artists. Offer your employees a privileged access to culture and unite your teams around art.


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