Alan Walsh (born 13 September 1982) is a  British artist and Gallery owner based in Monaco (Walsh Gallery Monaco). Walsh, a leading artist on the Côte d'Azur is famous for his vibrant bold clean style. His works are heavily influenced by the elegance and glamour of the Riviera and luxury automobiles. 

He describes the personality of his work as 'art with playful elegance'. Its clean and uncluttered which allows the characters or subject to breathe.

"Hopefully my clients resonate with uplifting feelings when they look at my work and it brings a smile to their face".

Walsh has attracted an eclectic A list client base. His works hang on the walls of royalty, movie stars, chart topping musicians and global sports stars with many serious art collectors adding his works to their collections. Since 2020 he has been the resident artist of the legendary Cannes Hotel, The Martinez.

Much of his inspiration stems from a childhood spent travelling around racing circuits due to his fathers job in motorsport. Not only would he sit and draw the racing cars, he was also captivated by the bold colourful advertising and designer brands that sponsored motorsport in the early 80's. Walsh also raced for one Europe's number one teams 'The Zip Young Guns', which is also the kart team which led Lewis Hamilton through the ranks.

"While I don't race anymore I'm still very close to the motorsport world, often entertaining guests by painting on board super yachts or VIP terraces during Grand Prix weekends and painting personal commissions for key figures within the sport, drivers and team owners".

Having started his working life in advertising, his quirky clean illustrations have decorated giant billboards globally and have previously featured for brands including Aston Martin, Artisan Drinks, Porsche, Mercedes Benz, Grey Goose Vodka & Coca Cola to name just a few. 

Walsh left secondary school early by mutual consent for only choosing to attend his art lessons. After a brief spell at art college he then spent his early career working in advertising agencies in the UK and Australia. In 2012 he made the decision to leave the agency world behind and focused solely on his art excelling with solo exhibitions all around the globe. He owned two galleries in Australia, before opening Walsh Gallery Monaco in 2020.





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